4 Tricks to Memorize Anything

4 Tricks to Memorize Anything


Do you want to memorize all the Presidents? Do you want to learn a new language?  Do you want to become an expert?  What is the most efficient way to get knowledge into a brain?


  1. See One, Do One, Teach One.  The old medical adage of how to do literally anything.


This technique is applied to anything from: performing a vasectomy, delivering a baby or interviewing a patient.  It instills the fear of God in you that you will be doing this procedure in 5 seconds.  As you are doing said procedure you are learning muscle memory and as you teach the next person you reflect on your mistakes.


  1. Write it Down.


As laptops become the norm and note-taking becomes a thing of the past, it is important to realize how re-writing information will imprint in your brain no matter what.

  1. Think of Funny Images.


Learning new names is some people’s biggest struggle!  Imagine someone with very prominent eyebrows as bushy mountains and associate that with Mt. McKinley aka Mr. McKinley!

  1. Questions, Questions, Questions.


What’s the biggest waste of time?  Passive Learning.  For some reading an article once imprints into their photographic memory.  However, most of us are not as gifted.  If there is a question bank involved do ALL of the questions, write down the write answer and WHY.  Active learning is the most efficient way to get large amounts of volume into your head.