Health and Finance: The 2 most important subjects


The 2 Most Important Topics that No One Teaches You


There’s been lots of talk about how Millennial’s aren’t saving money and they fawn over avocado toast without batting an eye. Millennial’s are different because we’re putting off marriage, putting off kids and focusing more on wellness.  ‘Entitled’ may be most common descriptor, but is that such a bad thing?


Our own happiness, our relationships and our well-being. Gone are the days working 9-5 for 50 years, moving up the corporate ladder.  With the internet at our tips we can work from home, go to every music festival and maybe start a lucrative Instagram lifestyle business.  But what can we learn from previous generations about investing and retirement if we do everything else differently?


With life expectancy increasing and government pensions becoming a thing of the past as we pass the 20 trillion US Debt we need to be aggressive about our finances.  The Millennial trend is to not trust the system, don’t ‘pay the man’ just because someone told you to.


Starting to track monthly expenses and your net worth builds your financial framework.  Where are you now?  What are your habits?  What do you need in your life?  What brings you the most enjoyment?  This also helps illicit what you want/need for the future.  Do you want to live in Hawaii and will require 3-4,000 of passive income for housing?  Start figuring out how you’re going to get there now.


This is the same plan as investing in health.  Write down what you eat on a day to day basis and your current weight.  See what causes you to binge out or cause stressful eating. What is your goal weight?  What type of food is non-negotiable?


This all may seem overly meticulous but it’s all required for preventative maintenance.  One thing the generation before us did not do well is preventative health care.  This all starts with personal knowledge of what is harmful for your body BEFORE you make it a habit.  Drinking 3 beers a night, smoking a pack a day in addition to eating tons of processed sugar are the building blocks to obesity and diabetes which plague our nation.


Personal Finance and Nutrition are extremely important to living a balanced, healthy lifestyle and you have to invest the time to learn about it because it’s not emphasized enough in our general education.