Meal Prep

Basic Principles of Meal Prep-Lose weight, save money.

It seems that everyone is trying to save money and lose weight. These are TWO of the biggest challenges for Americans today. What is a strategy to combat both at the same time? A habit that will save money and be good for your waist line?? TELL ME MORE!

Meal Prep. It’s simple, easy and it also saves you TIME, the most important asset any of us have. Now the fitness community is ALL ABOUT meal prep. This is a way to be very specific about the protein, carbs and fat ratio you are consuming every day to reach aesthetic or strength goals. I’m not going into the nitty gritty about this because there are books and businesses ALL about meal prep and how to do it. You don’t need to be a nutritionist to meal prep, you just have to have basic fitness goals.

Start with the protein you want to eat for that week. Good, low fat options are: turkey, chicken and fish. One fist full is about one standard serving. Eat one of these 3-4 times/day so grill up an entire batch of meat and you have 3-4 days worth of food. Next, get your favorite veggie without a lot of carbs. These include: asparagus, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower. Stir fry everything and eat 1-2 cups with each meal. Lastly, and my favorite part: CARBOHYDRATES. Make a pot full or cooker full of pasta and rice. Depending on how much you work out depends on how much carbs you consume IN GENERAL. Most Americans do not get to eat cups and cups of carbs so if you are just walking around and being sedentary you probably earn about 1-2 cups through out the entire DAY. If you are an Olympic athlete, you get 2 cups almost EVERY MEAL.

This will all take about 2-3 hours on the weekend but will save you weekday evenings of prepping each dinner, making lunches, etc… Additionally, you will have BROUGHT your lunch with you to work so you save money. This is the way to control your finances and your fitness. In a matter of months you will see the pounds slipping away and the savings adding up. Save your cash for the weekend nights where you can go out and enjoy a meal out on the town. Obviously, don’t go overboard but you’ll appreciate the food more because you didn’t make it and it’s probably something VERY different from what you just prepped.