Coffee: Is there such a thing as too much?

Is There Such a Thing as TOO Much Coffee?

  • One of the most addictive substances around is coffee. Cities and businesses have created meccas of good coffee shops that attract customers and create beautiful surroundings while fulfilling the much needed morning Cup of Joe.

Recent studies have come out indicating drinking multiple cups of coffee per day is actually good for you. People who increased their coffee consumption by one cup a day saw a 11% decrease in likelihood of getting Type II Diabetes.

Additionally, it lowers your chance of obesity, liver disease and some cancers. Is this due to the fact that your appetite is just decreased, so you’re eating less overall? Possibly.

Overall, it has been found the gut peptides are secreted (when consuming coffee) that decrease the absorption of sugar from food.

Certainly there are risks, just like any other substance. But compared to the other addictive substances in the world, it is possibly the BEST to be addicted to. If you’re severely dehydrated, coffee will continue to dehydrate you more. If you can’t sleep at night, stop drinking coffee before 3pm. If you have an arrhythmia be very cognizant of how much caffeine you are consuming.

If you are getting rebound caffeine headaches or anxiety, I’d say taper down your consumption. Keep track of how much are you consuming since caffeine can be found in certain drinks, candy that might not be obvious sources of caffeine.

How does this affect your exercise schedule? Many times I get asked What’s the best Preworkout? One half a cup of coffee is the best pick me up out there compared to any supplement. It doesn’t give you that crash and it doesn’t have built in sugar like Monster or Redbull.

3 Holiday Tips to Keep Off Weight

Staying Fit During the Holidays

Most people are traveling at least once during this holiday season. Visiting family is essential to making the holidays feel complete. Are you worried about packing on ten pounds? The next three tips will help mitigate those extra holiday pounds.

1.) Before Traveling, Google a nearby gym with a holiday schedule

Take the time to google the closest gym to where you are visiting. Look up their schedule and call if they don’t have a holiday schedule posted. Put in your calendar to go to the gym and make it a goal to attend at least once every three days. Morning time is best since you can spend the rest of your day with family and you won’t feel as guilty consuming a little more at big evening meals.

2.) Count every Alcoholic Beverage as a Dessert

When thinking about reaching for that extra piece of pie, take note of how many alcoholic beverages you’ve had. Those are liquid calories and count just as much as a cookie or brownie.

3.) Have your plane meals thought out before you get to the airport.

I tend to get very hungry on days that I go to the airport, and I normally can’t make it to the gym or do any physical activity because the day is taken up. There’s also a great deal of long periods of time where you can’t get food because of your flight or you’re rushing through the airport. It’s also hard to pick the food you want since you never know what restaurants or kiosks are around. Try to have a couple protein bars or a shake in case you can’t stop for food. If you can, take the time to choose a healthy meal. This applies to long road trips too.

Eliminate Love Handles

The One Vice You Need to Eliminate to Lose those Love Handles


In my early twenties, mainly through college and medical school I drank mainly as a social endeavor. I was the social representative for my class. Which meant I scheduled every party at the local bars. In the American culture it is pressed upon us from an early age to drink every weekend, every dinner and every social event. I didn’t necessarily enjoy it. I nurse(d) my drinks because, frankly, I don’t like drinking a lot of fluids.
I would end up feeling bloated, but hungry. And at the end of the day, I did not feel very good. As I entered the 2016 season for Crossfit I was fit enough to be considered for a team. One of my teammates DEMANDED that I quit drinking as we prepared for Regionals.
At first, I thought he was crazy. Then I tried it and it wasn’t very difficult to replace water for sugary alcoholic drinks. We had a bigger goal. Albeit might be temporary. I lost fat in a matter of months. While I was already, ‘pretty fit’ I felt my body become pristine instead of just great.
I don’t have anything against drinking. I still enjoy wine or a nice cocktail when celebrating but I don’t consume it religiously. My sleep improved, strength improved and frankly my abs improved.
If you want to start with a baby step in getting those six pack abs. Start with reducing alcohol intake. Reserve it for special occasions and see what happens.

The Ladies Revolution You Didn’t Know About

Women and Weights:  Body Image Revolution

‘Your shoulders are too broad,’ ‘You look like you’re on steroids.’ ‘You look like a man’ ‘You’re too bulky’

All my life I’ve received opinions on how I should I look.  This may have been a DIRECT message from my mother, family or friends or this could have been subliminally from media, movies and TV shows.  Regardless, EVERY woman struggles with this and from what I’ve seen,  the majority of women struggle with body issues their entire life.

The majority of messages tell women to be skinny.  However, in the last ten years, there has been a revolution, small but mighty, occurring throughout our culture.  Women becoming strong and capable has become a movement.  I would argue it is still not accepted by the mainstream media but it is happening.

Women like Brooke Ence, every female WWE fighter are making their mark on TV, movies, advertisements slowly but surely.  A subset of men are ‘into it,’ however we should not be looking to them or anyone for acceptance.  Sure there are movements about accepting EVERY body type, but I have to get behind the MUSCLAR body type because it means so much more.

It means you’re capable, it means you have discipline and it means you are in control.

3 Things I Wish I Knew About the Snatch

The Snatch is one of the most amazing exercises.  It is a full body exercise that requires years to perfect and it is one of the sexiest lifts a person can perform (not just because of the sexual annotation behind the name)

  1.  It requires FULL BODY FLEXIBILITY.  The amount of weight I can Snatch could have been exponentially increased in the first couple of years if I just worked on my flexibility!  Mind you, my flexibility is still a work in progress but like most things, I wish I started sooner. My ankles have been the biggest culprit and I stretch them out everyday, maybe twice if I know I’m Olympic Lifting or Squatting without Lifters. It also requires a great deal of shoulder, hip and wrist flexibility.
  2. It is EXTREMELY SATISFYING.  To catch over your bodyweight ABOVE your head and stand up with it is THE MOST empowering stance one can get, let alone 2.5x one’s weight.  If you saw the TED talk about standing in a ‘Power’ Stance (hands on one’s hips, looking upward like Superman) before going into meetings, negotiations, etc.. standing up with a Snatch is a million times more invigorating than a typical ‘Power’ stance. That’s why Snatches get so many likes on Instagram, because they are SEXY.
  3. It is one of the FEW EXERCISES that determine COMPLETE ATHLETICISM.  Everyone thinks you just need to be strong to do olympic lifting.  But strength is just a pre-requisite to joint stability, flexibility and SPEED required to get under the bar.

If you’ve never seen a snatch, check out my YouTube Channel:

There are many variations required to fix specific parts of the Snatch. So you may see ‘Hang Snatch’ ‘Power Snatch’ ‘Low Hang’.  They are all variations of the same exercise.