3 Things I Wish I Knew About the Snatch

The Snatch is one of the most amazing exercises.  It is a full body exercise that requires years to perfect and it is one of the sexiest lifts a person can perform (not just because of the sexual annotation behind the name)

  1.  It requires FULL BODY FLEXIBILITY.  The amount of weight I can Snatch could have been exponentially increased in the first couple of years if I just worked on my flexibility!  Mind you, my flexibility is still a work in progress but like most things, I wish I started sooner. My ankles have been the biggest culprit and I stretch them out everyday, maybe twice if I know I’m Olympic Lifting or Squatting without Lifters. It also requires a great deal of shoulder, hip and wrist flexibility.
  2. It is EXTREMELY SATISFYING.  To catch over your bodyweight ABOVE your head and stand up with it is THE MOST empowering stance one can get, let alone 2.5x one’s weight.  If you saw the TED talk about standing in a ‘Power’ Stance (hands on one’s hips, looking upward like Superman) before going into meetings, negotiations, etc.. standing up with a Snatch is a million times more invigorating than a typical ‘Power’ stance. That’s why Snatches get so many likes on Instagram, because they are SEXY.
  3. It is one of the FEW EXERCISES that determine COMPLETE ATHLETICISM.  Everyone thinks you just need to be strong to do olympic lifting.  But strength is just a pre-requisite to joint stability, flexibility and SPEED required to get under the bar.

If you’ve never seen a snatch, check out my YouTube Channel:  https://youtu.be/AhbP3KDSK5I

There are many variations required to fix specific parts of the Snatch. So you may see ‘Hang Snatch’ ‘Power Snatch’ ‘Low Hang’.  They are all variations of the same exercise.