Eliminate Love Handles

The One Vice You Need to Eliminate to Lose those Love Handles


In my early twenties, mainly through college and medical school I drank mainly as a social endeavor. I was the social representative for my class. Which meant I scheduled every party at the local bars. In the American culture it is pressed upon us from an early age to drink every weekend, every dinner and every social event. I didn’t necessarily enjoy it. I nurse(d) my drinks because, frankly, I don’t like drinking a lot of fluids.
I would end up feeling bloated, but hungry. And at the end of the day, I did not feel very good. As I entered the 2016 season for Crossfit I was fit enough to be considered for a team. One of my teammates DEMANDED that I quit drinking as we prepared for Regionals.
At first, I thought he was crazy. Then I tried it and it wasn’t very difficult to replace water for sugary alcoholic drinks. We had a bigger goal. Albeit might be temporary. I lost fat in a matter of months. While I was already, ‘pretty fit’ I felt my body become pristine instead of just great.
I don’t have anything against drinking. I still enjoy wine or a nice cocktail when celebrating but I don’t consume it religiously. My sleep improved, strength improved and frankly my abs improved.
If you want to start with a baby step in getting those six pack abs. Start with reducing alcohol intake. Reserve it for special occasions and see what happens.