The Ladies Revolution You Didn’t Know About

Women and Weights:  Body Image Revolution

‘Your shoulders are too broad,’ ‘You look like you’re on steroids.’ ‘You look like a man’ ‘You’re too bulky’

All my life I’ve received opinions on how I should I look.  This may have been a DIRECT message from my mother, family or friends or this could have been subliminally from media, movies and TV shows.  Regardless, EVERY woman struggles with this and from what I’ve seen,  the majority of women struggle with body issues their entire life.

The majority of messages tell women to be skinny.  However, in the last ten years, there has been a revolution, small but mighty, occurring throughout our culture.  Women becoming strong and capable has become a movement.  I would argue it is still not accepted by the mainstream media but it is happening.

Women like Brooke Ence, every female WWE fighter are making their mark on TV, movies, advertisements slowly but surely.  A subset of men are ‘into it,’ however we should not be looking to them or anyone for acceptance.  Sure there are movements about accepting EVERY body type, but I have to get behind the MUSCLAR body type because it means so much more.

It means you’re capable, it means you have discipline and it means you are in control.