3 Holiday Tips to Keep Off Weight

Staying Fit During the Holidays

Most people are traveling at least once during this holiday season. Visiting family is essential to making the holidays feel complete. Are you worried about packing on ten pounds? The next three tips will help mitigate those extra holiday pounds.

1.) Before Traveling, Google a nearby gym with a holiday schedule

Take the time to google the closest gym to where you are visiting. Look up their schedule and call if they don’t have a holiday schedule posted. Put in your calendar to go to the gym and make it a goal to attend at least once every three days. Morning time is best since you can spend the rest of your day with family and you won’t feel as guilty consuming a little more at big evening meals.

2.) Count every Alcoholic Beverage as a Dessert

When thinking about reaching for that extra piece of pie, take note of how many alcoholic beverages you’ve had. Those are liquid calories and count just as much as a cookie or brownie.

3.) Have your plane meals thought out before you get to the airport.

I tend to get very hungry on days that I go to the airport, and I normally can’t make it to the gym or do any physical activity because the day is taken up. There’s also a great deal of long periods of time where you can’t get food because of your flight or you’re rushing through the airport. It’s also hard to pick the food you want since you never know what restaurants or kiosks are around. Try to have a couple protein bars or a shake in case you can’t stop for food. If you can, take the time to choose a healthy meal. This applies to long road trips too.