The Most Worthwhile Investment

How Investment and Health are Correlated


Careers, financial pressure, family, higher education, debt all put health on the back burner.  People wait till things ‘settle down’ to start getting in shape.  We work 80 hours a week with little sleep working tirelessly for a goal.  Before you know it, you’re diagnosed with pre-diabetes and you have a bunch of nagging injuries that just aren’t going away.

People decide after everything  is ‘in order’ is the time to start dieting and exercising.  Except we’re already stuck in our ways. We have habits engrained in us over years. So we’re not only starting behind because we’re overweight but we don’t have any tools to get us on track since we’ve been practicing bad habits our entire life.

Thus, pre-diabetes turns into real diabetes and we continue the downward spiral.

Just like most successful financial investing, it’s better when you start young. Prioritizing health in your 20’s means you’ll have those same eating and exercise habits your whole life instead of back tracking and re-wiring those bad habits into ‘good habits’

Next time you try and ‘convince’ yourself to be healthy think of it as an investment and to use TIME on your side. What good does it if you have saved over a million dollars or started a wealthy company if you’re bed-ridden and can’t function because your health is in shambles.  Start early, start young and you’ll be happier when you’re older. Just like investing in stocks or real estate, that compound interest will reap into dividends you can capitalize on when you’re older.