If you haven’t heard of this Miami Fitness Competition, you need to look it up! For all of you Crossfitters out there, this is by far the BEST competition I’ve ever participated in.

Last year I qualified online after doing 8 grueling workouts with 2 other girls and we qualified for the ELITE Women’s Division. What does ELITE mean? It is the highest echelon, the heaviest weights and the most competitive. Certainly RX or (Prescribed) is still very competitive, but the ELITE competitors do this for a living. Their norm consists of 3 workouts a day, 6-7 days/week and have YEARS of competition experience.

What movements were emphasized?


First day, killed everyone’s legs with a 7k run with an intra-workout wreck bag carry for one mile. The next day my hips were dying, and it felt like a ran a marathon. Holy cow, did this first day really emphasize cardio and at 6AM!


The worst workout by FAR was the #150 sandbags. As a three person team, after swimming 400m we had to throw this bag over our shoulders 20 times. My time only got 15 reps and boy did it destroy our back. So much of this movement is technique, like most heavy weights.


4 of the workouts consisted of Toes 2 Bar, Wall balls (20 lbs to 10 feet), pull ups, Chest to Bar pull ups, deadlifting and double unders. These were by far the most fun, because we have the most experience with these movements.


In the midst of all of our pull ups we had to push 200+ lb sled back and forth. We ended up taking our shoes off just to get some traction on this wonky stage. Challenges like this made the competition more interesting because you had to think on your feet and figure out how to move the sled without just muscling through it.


The last workout, and my favorite by far was the Hang Power Clean, Front Squat and Jerk Complex at 185/195 and 205 lbs. It really showcased how competitors could handle a heavy barbell and how many people on the team were strong enough to make a dent in this 9-6-3 complex.

  1. If you want to watch any of the workouts, like Crossfit Craic.